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Care Instructions


We at Sparkle Fantasy want you to enjoy your glitters for as long as possible. All of our glitters are handmade and fragile, so they just need some help to keep them perfect.Keep your glitters in a cool place, if the weather is getting a bit warmer just pop them in the fridge for a little bit to keep them set.Keep them flat and not on their side, if they are left on their side, the glitter will start to shift out of place.

If the glitter somehow crumbles a little, then it’s easy to put them back into place. First, put all the glitter into the pan, then get a paper kitchen towel and a penny that fits the size of the pan, place the towel over the pan and glitter then really gently press down the penny onto the pan. Then pop in the fridge to set.

Your Glitters will be sent out to you in a temporary sleeve. This is to make sure they get to you in perfect condition. You just need to pop them into the palette that comes with your order.